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Who are you?
Our company name is Anfaaniwa Limited, and our main product is an e-commerce platform called

What do you do?
We curate offers from best-in-class hospitality and lifestyle brands in Lagos, Nigeria and showcase them on our members-only website.

Why do I need to register?
At, we are building a club of like-minded individuals looking for easy and well-structured access to vetted and trusted brands across all the lifestyle segments. By requiring registrations, can maintain an understanding of who is within our community as a whole and then develop offers and tools that are most suited to our community’s needs. will collect and use all information in accordance to its privacy policy.

Is membership free?
Membership to this current version of is completely free.
However, we intend to create further value in subsequent levels which may require a membership charge.

What is the current relationship between Anfaani and the merchants listed?
There is currently no contractual relationships between Anfaani and the merchants listed on the site.
The product and company profiles have been generated from publicly available information obtained from the merchant’s own website, social media pages and on google. All relevant copyrights and trademarks are owned by the merchants being showcased.
While information was correct as of product creation, we do not guarantee the accuracy of any business information contained within our site. We encourage members to check out the full terms and conditions available on each merchant’s site.

How can we contact you?
We are reachable by email at

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